Mahesh, Trivikram’s film will be remembered for years!

It is known that Superstar Mahesh Babu and director Trivikram will be teaming up for the third time after a long time. ‘Athadu’  created a sensation at that time. Later, Khaleja which released amid huge expectations had failed to reach them. Surprisingly, Khaleja was a monster hit on the small screen.  Whenever the film was telecasted on the small screen, it would get good TRP ratings. 

In Khaleja, Mahesh’s performance, scenes and comedy were fresh. That’s the reason, people wouldn’t be bored when Khaleja is screened n-no.of.times on the small screen. Again, both are teaming up for the film.

According to the sources, the film will have exciting content which will be remembered for years. And it will be a special film not only in Mahesh and director Trivikram’s career but also in Tollywood.

The film will be launched officially soon and regular shoot will be started either in June or July depending on the pandemic situations.