Your skin gets affected by Menstruation!

Your skin gets affected by Menstruation!
Your skin gets affected by Menstruation!

Our body undergoes many changes during menstruation. Many women complain of abdominal cramps and bloating while others experience fatigue and bowel issues. Besides these, some also notice that the skin tends to feel and appear different on certain days of the month. It may turn dry and flaky on some days and glowing and refreshing on others.  This could be due to the hormonal changes that your body witnesses through the month.

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Day 1 – 6:-

They say that the skin is likely to look and feel dull from day 1 to day 6 of the cycle. This is because of the low estrogen levels that can in turn affect the sebum levels, which helps in retaining moisture. For those with hormonal issues, they could also get acne and inflamed skin.

Day 7 – 11:-

During the next couple of days, the skin tends to get youthful, fresh, and plumper due to a steady rise in estrogen levels. Sebum is also produced sufficiently that helps your skin regain the lost moisture.

Day 12 – 16:-

They  share the skin looks the best right before ovulation as the estrogen is at its peak during that time. It results in the skin looking plum while the pimples also tend to shrink. The increase in collagen level also contributes to the glow.

Day 17 – 24:-

These days are marked by a rise in progesterone levels that trigger sebum production. The pores appear tiny in this phase but have oils trapped in them. This accumulation of oil can also lead to breakouts. The nutritionist adds that it is after ovulation that you enter the luteal phase and your skin starts to look inflamed and swollen.

Day 25 – 28:-

As per Rashi Chowdhary, the luteal phase is when there is an uptick in testosterone levels that makes the skin inflamed. The cystic acne you notice during these days are caused due to hormonal dysfunctions.

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