You can do these Interesting things at Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023

You can do these Interesting things at Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023
You can do these Interesting things at Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023

Jaisalmer Desert Festival is set among the beautiful sand dunes of the Thar desert in the month of February. The Festival happens for a period of three days and is a perfect amalgamation of Rajasthani culture, handicrafts, art, and cuisine. The enthusiasm of the Rajasthani people is seen at every nook and corner. This year it is the 44th edition of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival and is scheduled from 3rd to 5th February 2023. The experience of the golden sands, amidst the ancient havelis and forts is equally enchanting for the tourists as well as for the locals. Do visit the festival if you are planning a trip to Rajasthan or even if you’re a local from Rajasthan, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture the region has to offer.

Top 5 Things To Do At The Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023

1.Enroll In Astro Tourism:-

Shooting and promotion of “The Skies of Jaisalmer” and consecutive astronomy workshops to help the visitors spot constellations and planets in the beautiful and clear night sky of Jaisalmer. The event is scheduled to be undertaken on all days.

2.Enjoy Contemporary Music:-

Artists like Salim-Suliiman, Ankit Tiwari, Salman Ali and Shanmukha Priya among more, are all lined up artists that will perform contemporary music at the festival. There will also be acts by Atrangi Project which is an electronic act by India’s young talents and Raghu Dixit Project which is yet another singer-composer.

3.Visit The Jaisalmer Border:-

The golden desert has a lot to offer. The festival usually promotes tourism in the area with visits to the Jaisalmer border, Longewala Post, the famous Tanot Mata Mandir, and the most organic sand dunes with guarding camels.

4.Photography Exhibition:-

A photography exhibition is arranged at the festival with a collection of old and gold pictures of Jaisalmer and the Desert Festival held in the prior years.

5.Attend An Art Camp:-

On 3rd February 2023, a live art activation is arranged which will include around 20 to 25 artists. This is an experience that should totally be on your checklist.

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