Why should you eat radish during winters.

Why should you eat radish during winters.
Why should you eat radish during winters.

Radish or Mooli is one of the most commonly available vegetables during the winter season. It is mostly used in salads, parathas, pickle, sabzi and much more. It has crunchy texture and slightly spicy flavor. Radish not just enhances flavor but also benefits your body in a variety of ways.

1.Packed with nutrients:-

The presence of folate or vitamin B in radish helps in the synthesis of red blood cells, while the vitamin C content of the vegetable strengthens immunity and boosts collagen production. Radish also contains large amounts of potassium that maintains the fluid balance of the body, as well as ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system. Radish is also a good source of calcium which not only improves bone strength but also lowers high blood pressure.

2.​Cancer prevention:-

A sulfur-rich compound called Glucosinolates, which is often found in many cruciferous vegetables is said to protect your cells from the genetic mutations that can lead to cancer. It can help in the elimination process of cells that have the potential of turning cancerous in the future. Radish is packed with Glucosinolates, which can be helpful in cancer prevention.

3.Aids digestion:-

Those who often experience stomach issues like indigestion, constipation or acid reflux must add radish to their diet right away. Radish is a fiber-rich vegetable that will keep you healthy and improve the whole digestive process. It is a super-hydrating vegetable and is packed with water. Its water content is almost similar to that of cucumber.

4.​Must for diabetics:-

If you have diabetes or even if you are pre-diabetic, radish consumption can significantly help in the regulation of blood sugar levels. A hormone known as Adiponectin helps in reducing blood glucose levels. Radish regulates the production of Adiponectin which further reduces sugar levels.

5.Heart health:-

Radish is a good source of Anthocyanins, an antioxidant-rich flavonoid that improves heart health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. Regular consumption of radish can also help those dealing with high cholesterol.

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