These tips will help you keep Healthy Nails during Winters

These tips will help you keep Healthy Nails during Winters
These tips will help you keep Healthy Nails during Winters

Winters are no doubt the best time of the year in India. But with the weather comes numerous beauty concerns. Itchy scalp. Dryness of skin, hair fall and so many more. But most often you won’t hear many talks about dry and chipped nails. We all are familiar with skin and hair concerns and take the needful precautions and care for them, but do we equally care for the nails too? Winter causes the nails to become brittle and dry off which causes them to chip and break. Here are a few tips and tricks which you can follow and keep your nails on fleek in the winter season.

5 Easy-To-Follow Tips For Healthy Nails In Winters:-

1.Moisturize The Nails:-

Our nails lose a lot of moisture during the day, while we are busy with daily chores. This happens more during the winter too. When the temperature drops, the dryness in the air, causes the nails to dry up, just like the skin. This lack of moisture tends the nails to go brittle. Regularly moisturize your nails with coconut oil or almond oil.

2.Apply A Base Coat:-

Always apply a base coat to your nails which instantly protects them from dust, grime, environmental pollution, and harsh weather conditions. The base coast also strengthens the nails.

3.Apply Cuticle Creams:-

While cleaning and cutting our nails, we tend to cut off the cuticles too. But cuticles are the natural layers of the nails that protect them. So instead of cutting the cuticles, moisturize them with cuticle creams, oils, and lotions.

4.Use Nail Masks:-

Homemade masks have often proved beneficial for our beauty needs, may it be skincare or hair care. You can receive deep nourishment and strengthening of nails if you mask them with a DIY recipe. You can apply lemon with baking soda or eggs and honey to your nails to make them strong and healthy.

5.Avoid Water As Much As Possible:-

Keep your nails away from water as much as possible. You can use gloves while taking a bath or washing utensils. Make sure that your nails do not spend much time in the water which can weaken the nail bud.

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