These Skincare tips will help you in keeping skin Healthy!

These Skincare tips will help you in keeping skin Healthy!
These Skincare tips will help you in keeping skin Healthy!

The country has witnessed harsh winters with dry spells all over its states in the past. With the sudden rise in temperature, where does that leave your skin? From the dry, itchy skin of the winters to sweaty and oily skin during the summers, the skin needs to adapt to the changing climatic conditioned smoothly. Here are a list of beauty tips to follow in your daily skincare regimen for getting your skin ready for the changing season to keep it healthy and nourished even when the weather doesn’t want you to.

1.Exfoliate The Skin:-

Dry weather conditions may have kept you away from the exfoliation for the right reasons. But as the weather warms up, the skin can tolerate the exfoliators and it is the best time to return back to exfoliating to get rid of the dead skin. This will brighten your dull skin and add liveliness to it.

2.Use more of Sunscreen:-

We cannot emphasise the use of sunscreens any further.  Sunscreen should not be limited to beach vacations and the great outdoors. Even on less sunny days when it’s cloudy or gloomy, harmful UV rays can penetrate the skin and cause damage to it. You can use the sunblock or sunscreen cream that suits your skin type, but do that on a regular basis especially now that the sun will shine on you.

3.Keep Yourself Hydrated:-


Post winters, the body is not well-acquainted to drink a lot of water immediately. So make conscious efforts to drink water and other fluids and keep your body and skin hydrated. Hydration creates wonders for your skin and it keeps the skin nourished and less flaky.

4.Use A Lighter Moisturizer:-

Thick moisturizers work best in winter, but what you need for the summer are lightweight moisturizers. They keep the skin moisturized and healthy without letting it weigh down during the warmer spring months.

5.Change Your Beauty Products:-

It is time to look at the ingredients list of various beauty products that you have been using during the winter and incorporate the new, beauty products as per your skin type for the spring season. Also change your makeup brushes, sponges, makeup removal cloths etc. and invest in fresh beauty products.

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