These signs can indicate you are pregnant!

These signs can indicate you are pregnant!
These signs can indicate you are pregnant!

Women can sometimes detect their pregnancy quickly. It’s wise to be aware off the additional pregnancy symptoms in addition to nausea and a missing period. Early pregnancy symptoms might be so undetectable that several women simply overlook them. This really is true for women who are uninformed of potential early pregnant symptoms.

It is important to know about the potential signs of pregnancy enables women to become more conscious of any changes to their bodies and recognize a potential pregnancy even at an earlier stage. Let us discuss some unusual signs of pregnancy that might go unnoticed.

Here are some unusual signs of pregnancy that might go unnoticed:

1.Periods changes:-

Stress, various medications (such as pills for birth control), obesity, or health issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), uncontrolled diabetes, or an eating disorder can all cause a woman to experience irregular periods. Therefore, when their period doesn’t come, pregnancy might not be their first concern.

2.Feeling overheated:-

It may be an early pregnancy symptom if you feel hot and bothered for at least two weeks. A rise in body temp following ovulation can result in hyperthermia, or overheating. The baby will need more energy as it grows, thus overheating could also occur later in the pregnancy. Warm skin, lightheadedness, and headaches may result from this.

3.Period symptoms:-

Another early pregnancy sign that is quite prevalent in the first seven days is abdominal bloating. It could be around for as long as two weeks. The body’s response to uterine development and the resulting increase in blood flow is what causes stomach bloating. This bloating may be mistaken for typical menstrual cramps.

4.Aversions to certain foods:-

Have you heard of becoming turned off by particular foods or even certain aromas? Pregnancy is frequently associated with odd food desires. This is not a figment of your overactive imagination. It’s common for you to feel queasy around certain tastes and odours when pregnant. The hormones are also responsible for this symptom.


Since the blood vessels widen to allow more blood to flow to the uterus, blood pressure may decrease in the early stages of pregnancy. Dizziness, which can also be brought on by exhaustion, low blood sugar, and stress, can be caused by low blood pressure. Small, frequent meals and making an effort to manage your stress can both be beneficial.

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