These Salad Recipes help in maintaining weight loss

These Salad Recipes help in maintaining weight loss
These Salad Recipes help in maintaining weight loss

When we think of weight loss main thing comes the diet, and the first thing comes to mind is salads. Considered to be the healthiest alternative to regular meals, salad have always been a part of our diets. As a side dish or even as a pre-meals, salads have not only invaded our diet chart permanently, they have also evolved themselves. Here are a few basic salad recipe for you if you are looking for healthier weight loss recipe

1.Spicy cucumber salad​:-

Summers have arrived and so have the fresh and green cucumber. Common in Indian households, cucumber salads can be filling and delicious at the same time. Here is the recipe of how you can make this salad:-

1.Chop some cucumbers, probably a bowl full. A
2.Add chili pepper, pepper flakes, peanuts, lime juice, salt and sugar.
3.You can add some vegetables to it as well like finely chopped beetroot or carrot.
4.To diversify the taste, you can add corn. Mix all the ingredients together.
5.And the recipe is ready.

2.Beetroot salad​:-

If you are someone who likes the earthy taste of beetroot, this is the right recipe for you. 1.Grate or chop a beetroot into small pieces.
2.Add this to a bowl of curd.
3.Now add black pepper powder, salt, a little bit of sugar, coriander leaves and roasted cumin seeds’ powder to this mixture.
4.Mix it well and let the curd flavour infuse into the beet root properly.

1.De-seed the corn seeds from the corn. Boil water in a small pan and add the corn to it for 2-3 minutes.

2.Strain the boiled water and let the corn cool down for sometime.

3.Now take 2 tablespoons of tomato ketchup, add 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise to this.

4.Now add salt and black pepper to this. Add the corn to this mixture and let it sit for sometime.

5.You can either have it as such or refrigerate it for sometime.

4.Sprouted moong dal salad​:-

We all know how nutritious moong dal sprouts are. A salad of these sprouts with lots of vegetables will definitely boost the nutritional value.To prepare a moong dal sprouts salad you need a cup of moong dal sp routs, chopped cucumber, green chillies, lemon juice, chopped onions (if you like), other vegetables like carrot, beetroot as per your taste).Assemble all the ingredients together in a bowl, add salt and black pepper powder to this. Eat it immediately and do not let it sit as the sprouts may lose their natural taste and crunch due to the salt.