These mistakes should be avoided during Skincare Layering

These mistakes should be avoided during Skincare Layering
These mistakes should be avoided during Skincare Layering

With an overloaded beauty arsenal ,buzzing ingredients and skin trends, beauty might seem complex. It might not be a bad idea to have a stacked cabinet of beauty essentials, you absolutely need to know how to use them correctly. Layering skincare might seem like a one-two-three job but it is more than that and often we end up making mistakes that can make our skin dull and dehydrated. Following a proper skincare regime is important for skin to get the glow naturally. If used wrong, they can trouble the skin too and it is about time we correct these mistakes:-

Here’s What Happens When You Layer Your Skincare Wrongly:-

1.The Products Might Not Get Absorbed:-

It is essential to apply your thinnest products first, like any serums or liquid treatments and then apply thicker products as it makes it easy for your skin to absorb it all. Sunscreens should always be applied at the last, post moisturiser as it protects the skin and acts as a shield. Also, avoid mixing moisturiser and sunscreen as this can change the properties of the sunscreen.

2.Can Make Skin Feel Itchy And Dry:-

Removing makeup is another process. It is a must to first remove the makeup with micellar water and then use a gentle cleanser to remove any left makeup. If you directly remove makeup with a cleanser, your skin can become stripped and end up feeling dry and itchy.

3.Skin Feels Dehydrated:-

Ideally, it is often suggested to space out your morning and night skincare routine by 10 to 12 hours as it helps in maintaining a healthy skin balance and allows the products or ingredients to deeply nourish the skin and moisturise it. If there is not too much space between your routines, your skin might not get the right hydration.

4.Leads To Acne:-

Layering is an absolute art and we need to be conscious when it comes to choosing our products. Layering the wrong ingredients can lead to sudden flare-ups and inflammation as well. Always opt for ingredients that go well with your skin and also mix well with each other. Also, using too many ingredients together can even make the skin dry hence it is essential to be very careful while choosing ingredients. You can also consult your dermatologist in case you are using multiple ingredients.

5.Makes Skin Dull:-

This mostly happens when you layer it all wrong. For example, when you apply moisturiser before tone, your skin might end up feeling dull as toners help to remove impurities and residue left after cleansing and also prep the skin for moisturisation hence the wrong layering can reverse the effect.

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