These Hair Masks will help you in Hair Growth!

These Hair Masks will help you in Hair Growth!
These Hair Masks will help you in Hair Growth!

Nature has bestowed us with powerful ingredients that can change the way we look and feel. Few ingredients like kalonji, hibiscus, shikakai, sandalwood and ashwagandha are excellent for hair growth and shiny and voluminous hair. They provide nourishment to the scalp and promote cell turnover.

Important aspect of hair growth is that applying a hair mask to strengthen hair follicles, boost hair growth, fight dandruff and reverse premature greying. We need to provide hydration and conditioning for dry, brittle hair. Styling, color treatments and heat application can often damage hair follicles and hair texture. The scalp requires proper nourishment to promote and stimulate hair follicles while improving hair texture and shine. Few ingredients like coconut, sandalwood, Vitamin E and aloe vera have a huge impact in softening and detangling the hair. This reduces hair fall, frizzy hair and adds a shine to the hair. Try this effective DIY conditioning mask for dry hair.

1. 2 teaspoons cold pressed coconut oil

2. 1 scoop aloe vera gel

3. 1 tablespoon coconut milk

4. 1 vitamin E capsule

5. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and apply evenly on the scalp and along the hair till the ends

6.Leave on for 30 minutes and wash off with a natural shampoo

Hair health is based on many factors including genetics, environment, diet, stress levels, lifestyle and products you use. An equally important shift you must make is to eat hair-friendly foods like spinach, avocado, flaxseeds, capsicums and lemon. Practicing yoga asanas that stimulate blood flow towards the scalp are also extremely beneficial. Meditation is another important practice that reduces cortisol levels in the body and allows for healthy hair growth.

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