National fast food Day!

Junk Food Day
Junk Food Day

Fast food is both boon and bane to the busy people of the world. And everyone has their favorite meals in various places of the city. Fast-food often tastes like pure bliss on the tongue, and can be easily addictive. Sometimes it doesn’t taste good but then it is really easy, quick and convenient to make!

Many places fast food would taste good but with different taste so now lets looks at some most popular fast food restaurants today:-

  1. McDonald’s. Those golden arches are one of the most recognizable logos ever. More than 39,000 locations dot every major city and many small towns on every continent except, of course, for Antarctica.

2.KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Bringing Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe to the world, the headquarters of this worldwide company is still located in Kentucky, but they have 24,000+ locations in at least 150 countries.

3.Subway. A slightly healthier version of fast food, Subway doesn’t have nearly as much grease involved in their menu! And they have even more locations than McDonald’s, at 41,000 and growing.

4.Burger King. Almost as well known as KFC and McDonald’s, Burger King’s flame broiled Whopper is another American chain that can be found in more than 18,000 locations in over 100 countries.

But eating this food everyday can spoil your health. Eating once a while would be good to eat because the food the which they make outside can be good or bad but they taste good. They add all types of spices and sauces which isn’t good for health. So just have some fast food today along with your friends and then enjoy your day! You will even find some amazing deals today in few place! So just go treat yourself with junk food or go on a date with your friend and have a good day.

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