It’s time for Mickey Mouse Day!

It’s time for Mickey Mouse Day!
It’s time for Mickey Mouse Day!

If there’s one image that everyone in the world can recognize, it’s the iconic ever-so-big ears of that favorite mouse, Disney’s Mickey Mouse.His face is known for everyone  from ceramic mugs to balloons.

Mickey mouse
Mickey mouse

It all started with a short film called “Steamboat Willie”, and ever since, Mickey has been the very icon of family fun, hope over adversity, and following your dreams. And from there, the entire imaginative world of Disney was born.

And from that first short film, Mickey has risen to be a worldwide recognized Icon. Year after year, the mouse garnered nominations for the Academy Award for the Best Animated Short film, and finally won one in 1942Since then, humans have seen the rise and fall of “The Mickey Mouse Club”, and a growing family of characters.

It’s been more than 90 years now! And since this day also happens to be Mickey Mouse’s Birthday. It’s the exact perfect day to enjoy everything that has to do with this fantastic creature.

Head Over to a Disney Adventure Park

Best of all, plan a trip to one of Mickey Mouse’s kingdoms, located all over the world. Nothing celebrates the day of this Disney great like taking the whole family to the Magic Kingdom and spending the day enjoying everything Disney has to offer. With six in total, including Disney World located in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the international locations can be visited in these places in the world:

  1. Tokyo, Japan:-Twin parks located here include Disneyland as well as its neighbor the DisneySea Resort, this park offers loads of options for accessing Mickey Mouse and his friends.
  2. Paris, France:-With Disneyland and a Walt Disney Studios Park, this is the only place in Europe to get really up close and personal with everyone’s favorite mouse.
  3. Hong Kong:-Disneyland here offers seven different adventure areas, one of which is themed “Main Street USA”.
  4. Shanghai, China:-This Disneyland is centered around Roaring Mountain which is located on a jungled-up Adventure Isle.

Have a great day today relive the memories of childhood.

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