Is it compulsory to use hair conditioner every time?

Is it compulsory to use hair conditioner every time?
Is it compulsory to use hair conditioner every time?

Our hair needs extra protection and care from different environmental problems like pollution,dust or heat.Whenever you wash your hair with shampoo,its true that you get rid of all the grime on your scalp.But shampoo can make your hair rough and dull.Using a post-shampoo product called conditioner is essential.It is an important part of any hair care regime.

Conditioner is a moisturizing agent that is made of ingredients like emollients and silicones. They replenish the hair’s moisture, smoothen the ends, and soften our hair strands. But do you need a conditioner every time you wash your hair? Yes, it provides many benefits to your hair such as:-

1.Reduces split ends:-
When hair becomes brittle and dry, it starts to split and thus forms split ends. They constrain our hair growth. Using conditioner will minimize these concerns and shield your hair from breaking. Also, it will smoothen, nourishes and rejuvenates your hair strands.

2.Adds lustre and smoothness:-

The primary benefit of any conditioner is to give significant shine by deeply enriching and nourishing our hair. This is done by moisturizing ingredients in conditioners. They repair each hair strand and stop hair from becoming frizzy and dry.

3.Removes dryness:-

Experts say that regular shampooing will remove the natural oils from your scalp. Retaining moisture becomes hard and in turn causes dryness. Conditioners help to curb dryness and moisturise the hair strands from within.

4.Prevents hair from breakage:-

Conditioners hydrates the scalp, detangles hair and makes it easy to comb. Thus, hair will grow healthier and stronger. Experts say that a conditioner prevents hair from unwanted breakage and prevents hair loss.

5.Works as a protective barrier:-

It is important to use conditioner if you have coloured hair or you swim regularly in chlorinated water. Conditioners save your hair strands by forming a protective coating or barrier. There is an additional advantage also – the coating doesn’t let the colour of your hair fade quickly.

Don’t forget to use a conditioner every time after shampooing your hair. May your hair grow more luscious, gorgeous, and stronger.

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