High BP can cause because of these factors too!

High BP can cause because of these factors too!
High BP can cause because of these factors too!

High blood pressure, when the High BP crosses the 120/80 mmHg, puts the body at a greater risk. Many people assume that blood pressure is a sign of old age and they do absolutely nothing about it. However, medically it has been proven that few factors of blood pressure are age independent.

1.Eating too much salt:-

Salt and blood pressure do not go hand in hand. High levels of sodium elevates the blood pressure level in the body. Our body needs sodium to function, but high levels of it are dangerous. We think of sodium when the discussion is around salts, it is because we consume sodium in the form of salt mostly. Since salt is detrimental to health we need to cut down its consumption mainly through packaged foods. Just like sugar, processed foods have lots of hidden salts in it.

2.Smoke or secondhand exposure to smoke:-

Smoking is injurious to health– we all have come across this line several times. But did you know exposure to secondhand smoking puts us at almost the same risk as smoking it directly? In any way the hazardous smoke is entering our system.


A healthy body mass index is the indicator of sound health. Many people are not careful about their weight and are unaware of the disasters that are building in their body in due course of time. Not just high blood pressure, obesity is the reason behind several other health complications like diabetes, cardiovascular issues and others.

4.High fasting blood sugar:-

Did you know that a person with diabetes is four times more likely to have high blood pressure and is more likely to develop heart complications? As per a report available in the website of John Hopkins Medicine, about two-thirds of adults with diabetes have blood pressure greater than 130/80 mm Hg or use prescription medications for hypertension.

Consumption of alcohol has always been a debatable topic. Too much intake of alcohol puts the body at a higher risk of developing life threatening conditions. Health agencies have also cautioned that no amount of alcohol consumption is safe for the health.

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