Here are some Mehendi designs you can try for Eid

Here are some Mehendi designs you can try for Eid
Here are some Mehendi designs you can try for Eid

Applying mehendi on happy occasions is an integral part of our culture. Let it be a wedding ceremony or a festivity, applying henna is a must. Women love decking up in ethnic wear, playing around with accessories and applying mehendi for sure. Eid-ul-Fitr is just a few days away and everyone is busy selecting their best outfits for the occasion. Here are mehendi designs will help you choose a good design for yourself.

5 Festive Mehendi Design Ideas For Eid Ul Fitr 2023:-

1.Simple Mehendi Designs:-

Let’s kickstart the list with the basics. Simple mehendi designs can creatively make any festivity better than the rest. Remember, these can be your quick and easy go-to mehendi designs on any occasion.

2.Arabic Mehendi:-

Now, this is one of the most popular mehendi designs out there. Whether you are getting married or gearing up for a simple function at home, Arabic mehendi designs are a perfect option to rely on. These are chic, and simple and give a beautiful look to your hands. Mainly, Arabic mehendi designs consist of floral artwork and free-flowing diagonal trails that seem more spaced out as compared to other intricate designs.

3.Offbeat Mehendi Designs:-

Who says you can’t go creative with your mehendi designs? Well, if you like to keep things funky and interesting, you can experiment with mehendi.Instead of sticking to regular or popular patterns, try out something unique. Generally, off-beat mehendi designs can be very personal and include a couple’s portrait or precisely anything that’s close to your heart. Let your mehendi tell your story.

4.Elaborate Mehendi Designs:-

As the name suggests, these are heavy and complicated mehendi designs. Although these kinds of designs may consume too much time from your schedule, it’s all worth the time and effort in the end. These elaborate mehndi designs cover your hand beautifully. These help in accentuating your overall look while you are planning to slay the festive time in ethnic outfits.

5.Floral designs:-

Let’s talk about florals now. There are many people who feel inspired by nature and its elements. If you are a fan of gorgeous flowers, try showing it all through your mehendi. Whether you go for beautiful micro flowers or large ones, it doesn’t matter as far as your floral mehendi is standing out overall. Try this out on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr!

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