Healthy Recipes: Vegetable Oats Broth

Healthy Recipes: Vegetable Oats Broth
Healthy Recipes: Vegetable Oats Broth

Talking about health and weight loss, we always want to be fit, trim, slim and healthy. And being healthy depends on the foods we eat. So, to maximize effects of being healthy, it is better to cook and eat healthy food, regularly. To encourage that among our readers, we are introducing Healthy Recipes, segment. Whatever we prepare and eat, how we prepare, what to prepare and how healthy, it can be are highly important. Hence, Healthy Recipes segment will try to highlight that part in coming days too. Let’s start this Healthy Recipes segment with Vegetable Oats Broth

Ingredients of Vegetable Oats Broth:-

  • Step 1 Wash veggies:-

    To begin with this simple recipe, wash and chop the veggies. Wash and keep the oats aside.

  • Step 2 Toss veggies:-

    Take a pan and add in 1tbsp oil and toss ginger garlic paste, onions and veggies for 4-5 minutes.

  • Step 3 Add water and spices:-

    Add in water as required, spices and cook the veggies for some time.

  • Step 4 Season with spices

    Add in the oats, corinader leaves season with salt and pepper. Once the broth is ready enjoy it hot!

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