Daily routine for perfect skin in winter

Daily routine for perfect skin in winter
Daily routine for perfect skin in winter

Back to back parties and the bitter cold weather must’ve taken a toll on your skin, but worry not – you can just rejuvenate your skin by following a simple daily routine and glow on, this winter season.

1.Switch to a moisturizing and gentle cleanser:-
In every skincare regimen, cleansing is undoubtedly the most crucial step. During winter season  switch to a gentler cleanser to avoid excessive drying of the skin. Select products with a cream or balm base to help your skin remain moisturized while the dirt is removed. Our skin dries out in the winter because there is less moisture in the air. Use a hydrating cleanser to moisturize your skin during these circumstances and avoid any additional harm.

2.Opt for a heavier moisturizer:-

Winter calls for richer or heavier products to efficiently lock in hydration, whereas the summer season was all about light gel-based moisturizers. It’s time to switch to a moisturizer that is extremely moisturizing. You might choose ingredients like Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Never skip out on a good SPF in spite of the fact that the sun might not be visible in the winter of the hazy weather, you should still use sunscreen. Your skin can still be harmed by the sun’s rays, which can lead to pigmentation, sunspots, and other skin related problems. Applying sunscreen with a small amount of foundation will offer sunscreen protection to your makeup.

3.Exfoliation is the key:-

The skin becomes dry and develops a covering of dead skin cells during the colder months. Make sure to wash your skin daily and exfoliate it once or twice a week. You may get rid of the buildup of debris and dead skin cells on your skin by exfoliating it. Your skin will glow and your blood flow will be increased by the gentle massage.

4.Coat your skin with hydrating body butter:-

Invest in a rich, creamy body butter that includes shea butter and cocoa oils to hydrate your skin. To ensure proper skin penetration, apply the cream right after your shower.