Cold season and dry skin issues can be overcome with these easy tips

Cold season and dry skin issues can be overcome with these easy tips
Cold season and dry skin issues can be overcome with these easy tips

Biting chilly weather and cold wind is a legit clue that the winter season is here and as much as we love snuggling in a cozy blanket with our cup of hot coffee, we hate the changes that it brings to our skin. Cold weather can cause skin to be dry, flaky, red and inflamed faster than you can imagine and choosing makeup during this time can be quite a task. Getting your makeup game right during this time is super essential and here we have the best winter day makeup tips to try out this season.

Winter makeup tips to start:-

1.Start Off With Moisturisation:-

This is technically a skincare tip, but this truly comes in handy when prepping your skin for makeup, especially in winter. Instead of overdoing the moisturizing, work on your massaging techniques to prep your skin right in a way which is beneficial. Apart from setting the base right, it also gives a dewy complexion effortlessly, eventually saving our time.

2. Avoid Too Much Powder Finishes:-

Winter tends to make skin dry, and it is best to avoid powdery products during this time. It can also make your skin look duller. It is best to opt for cream products as it helps to keep the skin moisturized and gives a dewy look.

3. Liquid Highlighter For That Dewy Glow:-

Choose for a liquid highlighter which helps in adding the most natural effect to your makeup look. You can even mix up a subtle blush with the highlighter to get that natural look.

4. Make Tints Your BFF:-

A good tint is an absolute must-have in your beauty kit. Tints happen to be one of the best multipurpose makeup essentials that we have ever gotten our hands on. If you are looking to go for a minimal makeup look, you can simply opt for tints to get going.

5. Switch Up Your Primer Too:-

While you are renewing your skincare essentials in your routine, it is most essential to switch up your primer too. Go for a luminous one instead of a matte finish primer. A luminous primer will give you an amazing glowing-from-within effect.

6.Always Cleanse Your Skin:-

While we love a good makeup look, we also love clear skin. Cleansing your makeup is another essential step that we all need to incorporate in our skincare routine. Go for cleansing balms that help in taking makeup off without stripping the skin.

7.Keep It Minimal:-

Minimal makeup look can sometimes be a true game changer and especially with the winter season here, a good dewy makeup look is just the best way to slay. Keeping it minimal with lightweight essentials is a must.

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