Can Proteins really help in weight loss over carbs?

Can Proteins really help in weight loss over carbs?
Can Proteins really help in weight loss over carbs?

When it comes to weight loss it is commonly believed that protein is your best friend and carbs are your enemies. Yes, it is true that protein should be an essential part of your weight loss diet. But it is equally important to consume other nutrients as well.

Carbs Vs Protein: Which one is better?

“If you are comparing boiled chana with French fries, then, of course, carbs are bad and proteins are better! You have to look at it holistically!”

“Carbohydrates provide bulk to the diet and are our chief source of energy. Your body can transform extra carbohydrates into stored energy in the form of glycogen. This stored glycogen is used during the period of starvation or when the body needs energy. And, the fiber that comes from carbs helps promote good digestive health and helps lowers your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

So carbs are not the enemy! The type of carb one is consuming matters. Refined carbs are the bad carbs – such as biscuits, bread, and much more.”

Protein is required for the growth and maintenance of tissues. Your body’s protein needs are dependent upon your health and activity levels. Protein contains 4 calories per gram, the same amount of energy that carbs provide.

BUT – you don’t want your body to use all its protein for energy since protein has a lot of other important stuff to do! So making them your sole source of energy-giving nutrition is not wise.

Carbs and fats are much better energy-providers, as your body maintains reserves for use as fuel. Protein should be consumed at the rate of 1 gm per kg body weight to max 2 grams per kg of body weight. Extra protein, if not used efficiently by the body, may impose a metabolic burden on the bones, kidneys, and liver.” She writes.

“So… don’t compromise on carbs. They should be consumed in the range of around 120g-180g per day.”

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