After consuming Paan avoid doing these things

Food items you should not consume post eating Paan
Food items you should not consume post eating Paan

Do you remember the famous song, “Kaike Paan Banaras waala”? Amitabh Bachchan and in the remix Shah Rukh Khan ate Paan with swag and the song has become immortal. It could be the first song in Indian Cinema to have a simple food item like Paan as the main part of lyrics. There are major advantages when you consume Paan and it is not recommended by our elders post lunch and dinner, just like that.

Amitabh Bachchan with Paan in Kaike Paan Banaras waala song
Amitabh Bachchan with Paan in Kaike Paan Banaras waala song

Paan has ayurvedic qualities to it, as it made using betel leaves. Betel leaves possess immense therapeutic potential, which is mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic manuscripts. They harbor a characteristic Tikta and Katu Rasa i.e. bitter and pungent taste and generate warmth in the body, with a strong Ushna Virya or potency. These green bounties are blessed with Kshara guna i.e. an alkaline quality, that effectively neutralizes pH imbalances in the stomach and intestines, to vastly improve digestive health. Hence, it is helpful to eat Paan post lunch or dinner.

It is also every easy to consume as the added flavors and pastes, help in activating metabolism as well. While it is helpful to eat Paan, we should avoid consuming several food items after eating it. Why? The harmful effects of consuming some food items after Paan are explained below:


One should not consume milk after eating paan. Consuming milk after paan can cause dental problems and digestive problems.
A person should not consume medicines after eating paan. If you consume any medicines after paan, it can cause several health issues such as headaches and stomach pain.

Any kind of juice must be avoided after eating paan as it spoils the oral health of a person.
If you consume spices after eating paan, it can cause digestive issues like constipation.
5.Cold water:-

Consuming paan leaves a cold effect on the mouth and chest, and if you consume cold water just after this, it can cause breathlessness and choking problems. It is also said that cold water can cause ulcers too.