4 easy Quinoa recipes for weight loss

4 easy Quinoa recipes for weight loss
4 easy Quinoa recipes for weight loss

We all want to lose weight and become healthy. Doing dieting in a healthy way is important. For that you don’t have to starve yourself. You can replace healthy foods instead of starving food. Like you can have quinoa instead of rice.

Quinoa is one of the healthy food in which you can add in your diet and eat it. People eat quinoa in place of rice and wheat. It is rich in manganese ,phosphorus, magnesium etc. Do you know quinoa is a whole grain with good source of plant protein and fiber. It contains all the essential amino acids that our bodies cannot make on their own. Now let’s look on some weight loss recipes in which they are easy to make!

1.Quinoa upma:-

  • Wash quinoa properly and keep it aside. Take vegetables like carrot, cauliflower, beans, green peas etc. Cut them into thin slices. Heat a pan. Add oil and  some mustard seeds.
  • Add one tablespoon of urad dal ,fry it on low flame until it turns into golden brown. Add onion and curry leaves. Add the vegetables  and sauté them for 3 mins.
  • Add salt, turmeric powder and chili powder. Add the washed quinoa.
  • Add water and cover everything till it is cooked properly.
4 easy quinoa recipes for weight loss
Quinoa upma

2.Quinoa vegetable soup:-

  • Cut the vegetables of your choice like carrot, beans, green peas. Wash the quinoa properly. In a pan take all the vegetables, quinoa, garlic and water.
  • Cook these for 15 minutes.You can green leaves if needed. Add salt and pepper.
  • Add butter and lemon juice to this and serve it hot.
Quinoa vegetable soup
Quinoa vegetable soup

3.Quinoa khichdi:-

  • Chop vegetables finely. Wash quinoa and keep it aside. In a pressure cooker add some oil, jeera and sliced onion, green chilli and bay leaves.
  • Sauté till the onions get into golden brown.
  • Add sliced tomatoes, salt, turmeric powder
  • Add washed quinoa and moong dal.
  • Add water to this and cook for 10 minutes and serve it hot.
Quinoa khichdi
Quinoa khichdi

4.Quinoa popcorn:-

  • Heat a pressure cooker and add qunioa seeds to it.
  • Shake the container for few times.
  • When the quinoa starts popping transfer it to a bowl
  • Add seasoning of your choice.
Quinoa popcorn
Quinoa popcorn


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