Do you know advantages of eating Spinach?

Spinach is one of the best green leafy vegetable. It is a low-calorie food which is full of nutrients which are good for body in several ways. It is a great staple food to add to your diet. Spinach is grown in all the seasons and it is packed with lot of vitamins and minerals.

There are many health benefits eating spinach:-

• It is rich in minerals which you body needs like potassium, calcium etc.
• It boosts your Immune system and protects your body against germs.
• It is an excellent source of lutein which is known to protect against age-related eye diseases.
• Vitamin K is essential to keep the bones healthy and strong.
• Vitamin A is essential to grow the tissues in the body.
• Spinach is an excellent source of iron which helps the body to make hemoglobin.

Spinach is less in calories and carbs and loaded with fiber. Spinach can be eaten raw, cooked or steamed. But added with other foods, spinach can be deleicoius.You think that drinking water can you hydrated. But food also can help your goal to keep your body hydrated. It has anti-inflammatory properties in it.

Add Spinach in your diet and have a healthy and balanced diet.